Lawrence Hubbard Griffith

September 23, 1948 - September 19, 2000

We exist as representatives of those before us since the beginning of mankind. Like our ancestors, we have learned survival only to realize we travel on earth temporarily. So we strive to pass our knowledge, along with the best of us, to our children to give them an easier life and to exist through them and their children until the end of time.
-- Bonney Bott
Larry Griffith
Larry Griffith
Larry Griffith
Family Photos
Jack Griffith, Austin
Griffith, and Ector Wood
Dora Griffith, Betsy Griffith, and Issac Lawrence Griffith
Dora Elizabeth Griffith Issac Lawrence Griffith Dora Griffith,
Jack Griffith, and
Ruth Griffith
Ruth Griffith Harvel The Griffith Girls
Myrtle Ward Family
Donald and Janey Rockett Wedding
Myrtle Ward Rhoda Corrine Ward Griffith Maxine Ward Kenady
and Orman Kenady
Larry Griffith and Bonney Griffith

Rhoda Ward Griffith
and Brandi Griffith
Jack Griffith and Joyce Griffith Wendy Rhea Rockett