Ballad of Butterscotch
     by Bonney Jo Bott 03/12/2011

Discovered in a public place,
This joy returned home with me.
The hug was more than an embrace.
A lifetime friendship it would be.

Relationships need pet names, a voice.
New friend feels like an old.
Sweet Butterscotch my favorite choice,
A feeling IÕll forever hold.

The sound of sugar on my lips,

Sharing secrets with a friend.
Memories of cuddling never skipped,
Unforgettable until the end.

In your life a day or eternity,
One calendar glance triggers fate.
Memories will never be free
From a past birthday date.

No matter the effort you give,
Companionship, love, and more,
The emotions will always live,
Time spent with one you adore.
Some friends you cannot remember
Others you never forget.
The imprint left, that little ember
Your life passing with much regret.

IÕll always remember Scotty
As she made me laugh at antics.
A fur ball almost spotty,
A relationship truly not romantic.