by Bonney Bott   08/15/2004


It's so uncomfortable to be in this position

Of having a broken heart

And no promise of mending in my lifetime,

Not saying I feel fine.


A matter of timing, some dancing and dining,

Unfulfilled pleasures of the flesh

Leads our flow of conversation to my request

And puts your morality to the test.


I take you into my confidence

While you take me in your arms

We share a kiss and more,

Things we've never done before.


Come hither, let me breathe in your essence

While you repair damages by another.

A tryst between friends might ease the pain

To help me feel whole again.


You do a great favor not denying

To give me yourself and my confidence.

I writhe and twist

As I'm being kissed.


Pretending to be my beloved,

You make me scream

You make me shout

And show me things I'd never found out.


At last fulfillment

Changes my feelings.

They're no longer up in the air.

Your tenderness put my broken heart in repair.