By Bonney Jo Bott 1997



Sometimes I wish

That I were a fish.

             I really love the water.

If I had a fin

I could learn to swim

             With friends of a scaly order.


I wouldnÕt mind staying a kitty,

If I could run out through the city.

             Oh, for just one day?

But my two front paws

DonÕt have any claws

             So itÕs very hard to play.


My favorite sport

For somebody short

             Is watching the bathtub drain.

As the water goes down

Around and around

             I dream about the rain.


If I could swim,

I would jump right in

             And not worry that I would drown.

When I got up my nerve.

I ran, jumped and swerved,

             Then hit water with a pound.


Once, twice, thrice I tried it.

It didnÕt hurt a bit.

             I swished and swashed.

I played and romped.

Then splashed and stomped.

             Suddenly I was washed!