Close Enough
               by Bonney Jo Bott   08/03/2006

Close enough to see his eyes twinkle with mischief,
We tease and enjoy each other's thoughts.

Close enough to know the man,
Secluded together, sharing his time.

Close enough to challenge his intelligence
And find it inspirational, unique and refreshing.

Close enough to feel his warm breath on my neck,
Exhilarating every sensory response.

Close enough to smell his essence
And swoon in unleashed ecstasy.

Close enough to see the beauty of his face, knowing it comes from within,
A sight that leaves me breathless.

Close enough to hear the melody of his heartbeat,
Our hearts rapidly thump together in time.

Close enough to be the object of his affection
As if we'd had a Paris and many other places.

Close enough for private, personal words of love
He massages with his soft, gentle voice.

Close enough to know the intimate touch of his strong, gentle hands
As they caress every inch of my skin.

Close enough to feel the softness of his lips, the warmth of his kiss,
The pressure of his embrace, the weight of his body.

Close enough for him to want me in return
Is how I want him in my life.