Continue to Question
           by Bonney Jo Bott 12/25/2008

Continue to question the meaning of life,
After trying without success,
Feeling like a failure.
To love and not have love returned
Cry until there are no more tears, and still not stop;
Wonder how many holes are in this broken heart.
Change here and now
To reflect the past
And forge the future
How long has it been since laughing so hard,
Teary eyes succumbed to peeing your pants,
But you felt so good you didnŐt care?
When did you last do something
So out of character you surprised yourself?
And it was a good thing.
Have you ever found the courage to tell someone
How knowing them has affected your life,
In a beautiful way?
Has a presented opportunity allowed you
To choose to be brave,
And you became someoneŐs hero?
Have you ever known in your soul that something was right,
But never had the opportunity to prove it—
Throughout time?