His Christmas Presence
    by  Bonney Jo Bott 12/25/2002

Thousands of stars in the sky.
If each were a friend,
His would be the brightest.

My friend, my wish, my dreams
Secret love
Captures my heart strings.

He was once near
Then gone so long.
Now back again.

Passion flows.

He appears like a vision
In a tropical setting.
Such a wondrous moment.

Ecstasy, triumph fill my senses,
The vision captures my breath.
Breathe.  Breathe again.

Release the hug. Release the hug.
Magic heart beats
Echo rapid thumping.

His eyes twinkle like the stars
And open the portal to his soul.
I long to touch him.

His broad smile brightens my life.
Lips look so soft
I wish to feel them pressed to mine.

A dance.
His hand so firm yet tender
My vision, my love to return.

Thoughts of him steal my breath away.
I breathe again.
My exhale whispers his name in ceaseless love.

I am such a  dreamer.
Stolen love
Has no hope.

Fate is heartless.
Presence of love
Is only in my mind.

Returning to my dreams,
I inhale his essence
And envy the wind that brushes against his face.

Thousands of kisses I’ve shared with him
Upon drifting to sleep, upon rising,
Endless moments during the day.

Love lingers, love never gives up,
Love is patient,
Love fills the moment.

He is only a friend
I love from afar
But my heart wishes it to be more.

It’s not really fair that I can’t ask
To make my dream a reality.
Because he belongs to another.

His happiness my first concern,
Prevents me from more than
Wishes, hopes, and dreams.

Throughout eternity, when all is complete,
Will there be a time in his heart
He has room for more than one?

I'm blessed to have him in my life.
His friendship a magnificent treasure.
What words can express the gratitude?

I’m grateful he finds time in his busy life
To give me words of support and kindness
And sanity.

This is only a tiny message
Compared to the love in my heart,
My mind and my soul.

But to hope for his kisses and more
Will be my dream
Now and forever.

His friendship means more to me
Than to lose him as the object of my affection.
Yet no matter what he does, I love him.