Imagine A Real Dream

     by Bonney Jo Bott  05/12/2004


How do I know if I imagine or dream?

It's as simple as day and night. 


Imagination is a waking weapon against reality.

Dreaming allows insanity in a safe environment in the dark.  


If my imagination is out of focus, I close my eyes and dream. 

Dreaming night will hide my sadness. 


I go to a place where what I imagine becomes real. 

But can imagination transformed into dreams create reality?


Let imagination form a shape from air and desire

Creating touches and feelings with colors, lust, and love. 


Desire is grander than the span of my dreams. 

It includes devotion, patience, courage, and fortitude. 


It embodies laughter, an expression of feeling good all over,

To hide my tears of agony.


Craving feelings of belonging...with someone...for someone.

I weep for my loss of feelings and embraces.


Gaze into my eyes and hold me with tender touches to body forth each desire a reality. 

Prove true, imagination.


When I lose my dreams, I die.

I want no regrets.