Reunion 2011 ~ Ray Lisauckis


Waltz with your memories...


There was a time - our time

A town - our town

A home

A school, a beach, a bridge

A River Grand

Jeweled with grace-filled palms

Warmed with abrazos and salsas


The cold would blow in, blue

And some blew with it, away and beyond



That not all beaches have dunes

Not all streets are Presidents

Not all rainbows cross the King Ranch


So many threads begin at 1201 East Marshall Avenue

Soft memories that forge slow smiles

Hard memories that crash in

And at times we are back there


The bell rings

And we are either late getting here

Or we are on our way home


After all; everything; all our yesterdays

We are inside ourselves now

We are who we have ever been


...Dance with your Destinies!