Stop Loving

by Bonney Jo Bott  02/14/2006

My desires for fame and fortune
Fall far short of those for love and happiness.
All pursued, all are fleeting.

Think of someone you love dearly.
There's clearly no path to stop.
So how can I stop loving you?

Love hides in disguise with no channel to reveal.
What's left is regret and remorse.
It was no dilemma to express my emotions.

The one I love is too aware
My depth of feelings dejected.
What of un-acquired love?

Seeking love is incomplete
Without receiving in return
From the one desired.

Love lives and grows.
The heart beats alone.
Tender lips bring touches from his soul, to love....

A voice articulates wit and humor,
Pooled eyes as deep as infinity,
The essence of the man.

To remember forever how it might have been,
Regret eternally that it never was
The adventure of love.


How to stop loving
The unavailable object of affection,


Possible solutions come to mind.
Those of time, separation, replacement.
Time heals...all except the broken heart.

Separation...should let me forget.
In the wake of absence, fantasy grows stronger, fonder,
Love's embellished desire multiplies.

Substitute another to love more...
A new goal, a new object, a distraction
Does not replace true love for another.

Experience proves these ineffectual
Time and time again.
Love never changes.

Real love never ceases.
Not with death.  Not with life.
But endures forever.

Words are all I have to steal your heart.
Again I confess my emotions.
I love you always.  All ways.