by Bonney Jo Bott   07/03/2006           


A fortunate child values love in a kiss.
Something denied, remains on a list.
Teens dream of that first romantic twist.
The longer it takes, more experience is missed.

On many bad dates a kiss is a bore,
With others the process is simply a chore.
One hopes the exposure allows them to soar,
Thinking that contact finds one to adore.

Some experience kisses early in life, others have a void.
Shared with the wrong person, one might be destroyed.
Repeated bad times makes one annoyed
When reality of a kiss should be enjoyed.

A friend, lost forever, leaves my life in his past.
Apart for years, uncountable tears, contact at last.
Often regretting the life that was cast
Realizing sadly that time's slipping fast.
Apart for years, you're the one I miss,
Forbidden touch of your lips with the tease of your kiss,
Shared secret exchange and un-promised bliss,
Those magical feelings leave hope for a tryst.

Yearning from a distance, thoughts of warm lips
Images filled with exotic trips.
Reality strikes, happiness eclipsed.
My fortitude and resolve slip.

How long has our fate been cast?
Will all my dreams be surpassed?
Tears and embrace accompany our past
A growing love relationship is never fast.

My special friend is so clever.
A potential lover forever
No matter how often he says never,
Seeking his love is my endeavor.

If dreams are the windows to my soul
Fulfillment with you constantly my goal.
Is there no way you'd lose control
Of more than the treasured kiss we stole?

The parts of a kiss represent much,
Soft lips, firm pressure, a private touch,
Heat-melting dances of tongues need no crutch
With bodies entwine in a passionate clutch.

Kisses say, Goodbye.  Kisses say, Hello.
Kisses say, I love you.  Kisses say, You, I want to know.
Our kiss encompasses these and more, although
We dare not let our passion show.

Loved one turns into lover,
Unforgettable dreams my reality to discover.
Bliss an emotional explosion uncovered
Worth any endeavor with each other.

We say goodbye the last time
A fierce embrace accompanies the sublime.
Intimately knowing each other a sign
Our passionate kiss continues to chime.