To Love
           by Bonney Jo Bott  06/14/2007

To want for love is natural,
Craving love a curse,
Receiving love is necessary.
Sincere love is desired.
Memorable love extraordinary,
Keeping love is complicated.
Unbearable waiting
For love returned
Is like a deep cut.
It leaves a permanent scar.
Love lives.
Love is life.
Love is treasured,
Will never be forgotten.
Remember me.

Love for one
Cannot be given to another.
New love is always different.

An imperceptible touch in passing,
A kiss of life restores the spirit
In an explosion of pleasure.
A kiss is cherished love.
Love is your kiss.
Love is you.

A toast — to love,
Unforgettable, delivered in a kiss
On this date one year passed.