Tropical Paradise

    by  Bonney Jo Bott  02/14/2003

To be in a tropical paradise with him
Fulfills her childhood dream
Of having a soul mate
To share her life.

Her mind’s eye image is of a boy,
But decades have passed.
At last she sees the object of her affection.
He is a man.

A warm salty breeze under swaying palms
Faintly brushes her cheek.
Oh, to be that air and continue on
To touch him.

Gentle waves wash across sand to caress their toes
As he kisses her lips the first time.
Heaven twice, at once,
Intensifies in his embrace.

Standing in his presence brings on a quiver.
His words sing a song written for her ears only.
Open soft lips warmly caress
Every place her body yearns.

Strong hands amaze her
With his tender touch.
The feeling creates such a warmth
It gives her a chill.


The stroke of his hand
Floats across her skin
Tingling every nerve
Until a smile forms.

His gaze
Delights her into a trance
As if he had joined her in a waltz
That would never end.

His bronze skin
Pressed to hers
Sends her senses reeling,
Returning thoughts to the dreams of her youth.

He’s thoughtful and kind,
Caring, irresistible,   
Now here by her side.
She holds her beloved fortune tightly.

Then a farewell hug provides opportunity
To place a kiss on his neck without being obvious.
A ploy that welcomes this boy back into her heart,
Her soul, and her hopes.

She touches his skin, his identity
No longer a  phantom dream
To loom and taunt her.
Then he walks away with another.

A tear washes down her cheek
Followed by a stream, then a flood.
Heaves of pain tighten in her lungs.
She wails.