Wishing Day
       by Bonney Jo Bott  02/14/2005

How many times do I shout out your name?
Can I count how often I take the blame
Saying our date was unachievable,  
Wishing you hear me, more believable?  

Broken heart scatters many years' debris,  
Shattered long ago, caused by thoughts of thee.  
No clairvoyance prevented tears I've shed.
Everlasting wishes engulf my head.  

Be assured of all the things you've been told,  
The hope of your love, my treasure of gold.  
No lies just dreams, outspoken truth complete  
Now and forever will be my defeat.  

A balance of friendship and love, an art.  
No way to sway devotion in my heart.  
Intelligence tells me I've been the fool.  
How is it my life has been too cruel?

I saw you again, and oh, what a wow!  
It took not a moment to want you, now.  
First crying, then drying, love undying,  
Your gossamer wings lifting us, flying.  

Seconds, minutes, years, after all this time  
You'd agree with me and it was no crime.
You heard my plea to be near me, my shout!
Wishing we were we and there'd be no doubt.  

More important, for your warm touch I pray.  
Some day in my future you'll say, "Okay."  
One kiss, an embrace, I'm under your spell.
Your wish will be me! My joy I shall yell.