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    I have a couple of stories I may post here after I have a chance to review them one more time.

    These books below were written before I changed my name back to my maiden name.

    Color Coded Camping by Bonney Jo Rousseau

    Color Coded Camping

    Color Coded Camping provides detailed information and advice for beginers planning their first camping trip. This illustrated guide covers shelter types, equipment, safety and first aid, ecology and manners, knife safety, knot tying, firecraft, simple cookery, and packing.

    ISBN 0-9667395-2-3
    Comb binding, 52 pages, paperback book
    Price: $7.00 US

    The E-Log Reunion by Bonney Jo Rousseau

    The E-Log Reunion

    A high school reunion triggers Samantha Smith's search for Charles Ray following their 20th class reunion he did not attend. Information distributed at the reunion keys Samantha's Internet search for Charles' phone number and allows her to start round-robin messages called the E-Logs with a group of classmates. Telephone contact results in Samantha's discovery that Charles has an e-mail address. Although they live only eighty miles from each other, they keep in touch without physical contact for over a year.

    Through long distance calls and special e-mail not shared with others in the group, Charles and Samantha bond as they examine the turning point of their college contact and what might have been if their lives had been joined earlier. Their eventual physical reunion results in a weeklong affair.

    After a steaming introduction to forbidden love, Samantha and Charles return to their spouses. They remain in contact by phone and through e-mail. To their delight, this increases their feelings for each other. Unexpectedly in January before their summer 25th class reunion, Samantha loses contact with Charles. She hoped to see him at the reunion, but Charles fails to return his reservation.

    ISBN 0-86663-219-0
    Perfect binding, 180 pages, trade paperback book
    Price: $7.00 US

    Recipes Lost Through Generations ~ A Sampler by Bonney Jo Rousseau

    Recipes Lost Through Generations ~ A Sampler

    From one generation to the next, recipes that aren't used regularly are often lost or forgotten. When succeeding generations try new ones or turn to processed or semi-prepared foods, they often defer traditional family favorites to special occasions. Due to modern manufacturing techniques, knowledge of creating basic staples is slipping from today's recipe collections.

    "When I think about all the wonderful things I may never get to try, I am determined to preserve some of these interesting concoctions for posterity.... " the author writes in her introduction to this unique souvenir. A must-have book.

    ISBN 0-9667395-0-7
    Perfect binding, 112 pages, paperback book
    Price: $10.00 US

    The Plano Seasons by Bonney Jo Rousseau

    The Plano Seasons

    The Plano Seasons focuses upon the innocent romance and educational maturation of a sixteen-year-old girl and her three high school friends. The English class year-long project is for each student to write an instructional reference. The resulting research produces a camping guide and a cookbook which are validated through planning and experiencing an inner tubing adventure trip on the Guadalupe River in Texas.

    ISBN 0-9667395-4-X
    Perfect binding, 151 pages, trade paperback book
    Price: $10.00 US


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