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    I started writing stories and poems for myself. Until the early 1990s I didn't have much interest in reading or writing but my mother enjoyed writing. She was one of the Charter Members of Romance Writers of America. I suppose eventually some of that desire to write rubbed off on me.

    Here are my Poems and Stories

    - Poems

    I have written over forty poems. Some are better than others. Some are like collages of quotes or song phrasesthat, when put together, express feelings.

    - Stories

    In addition to my published stories, I have some I am preparing to sell as e-books.

    - Trips

    Over the past few years I've also started writing about my trips. The words are not necessarily for anyone but myself as an aid to helping me recall the details that may slip away with time.


         - Impossible Destiny
         - Cassiopeia Phantom


         - Vacation Sagas


         - Poems
         - Stories

    Bonney Bott

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