hile planning your wedding is exciting, it can also can become an overwhelming task. The average wedding today takes up to two hundren hours to plan. Retain the excitement and fun while reducing stress and planning time by hiring a Wedding Coordinator to guide you through the planning, as well as offer advice and wisdom in all wedding-related matters to help you avoid costly mistakes. Today's brides and grooms are engaging wedding coordinators, once reserved for the wealthy, to coordinate services that benefit couples with unlimited budgets and budgets within comfort zones.

The position of a site coordinator must not be confused with a wedding coordinator. The site coordinator is employed to act on the behalf of the facility and does not leave the property to implement any logistics. A wedding coordinator implements all logistics for every aspect of your wedding and is directly by your side from the beginning of the planning stages to the completion of the event.

    It's all about time and money! A wedding coordinator will save you time and help you to get the most for your money!
    A professional bridal consultant will work with you, handling as much or as little of your wedding as you want.
    Help you host a beautiful and distinctive event which you can enjoy without the worries and stress of being the host.
    A coordinator will make sure you don't exceed your budget and don't underestimate the amount of time saved.
    Most couples have a hard time planning a wedding for the simple reason that they've probably never had one before. That's where wedding coordinators are valuable. They know all the ins and outs - the etiquette, the right people to work with, and the ways to manage within any budget.
      Sources for services have been checked out.
      Attention to details - everything in place.
      Help you make informed decisions.
      Handle details and help with decisions that many brides and grooms aren't aware need to be made.
      A consultant can help you with contract negotiations.
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Frequently Asked Questions

    Isn't it an unnecessary expense?

    Couples on a restricted budget need a coordinator the most. A wedding coordinator can plan the event the bride and groom want while conscientiously keeping within a predetermined budget.

    What are the biggest mistakes people make when planning a wedding?

    In our opinion, the first, biggest, and costliest mistake is budgeting.

    Setting a budget is not as fun or exciting as shopping for "the" dress, or choosing flowers. Not budgeting can mean paying off your wedding until your tenth anniversary! A wedding coordinator knows how much wedding services cost and can help you decide what's most important, considering your budget.

    Once you have a budget, you'll need to stick to it! If you plan to spend $18,000 on your wedding, in order to stay within that amount, you must keep accurate records, a running balance, and maintain a payment plan. A wedding coordinator can help you avoid being "swept away" in the planning. Stay within your budget, and make that budget work for you.

    Determine the essentials in creating your dream wedding. Do you really need that ice sculpture at your Texas outdoor wedding in August?

    Photography is not the place to skimp on your budget. People will forget the food you served and your dress will be sealed up, and put away. Your photographs will be what you look at and show off year after year. Leave the wedding photography to an unbiased professional who does this weekend after weekend. They know the pitfalls, the pains, and they will have a back-up plan.

    A coordinator helps you avoid problems and can save you time and money. A coordinator's knowledge of the industry is (and should be) broader than your knowledge because they deal with weddings every day. Moreover, a coordinator is an absolute necessity the day of your wedding. Do you want to line up the wedding party? Do you want to fix hems on dresses? Make sure guests are seated before you walk down the aisle? Make sure the buffet food is hot? Make sure the photographer gets that picture of your favorite Aunt Nancy? Deliver gifts to the right car after the wedding? You have planned your wedding day for months, and dreamed of it since you were a child. Don't spend it worrying. That's what your coordinator is for!

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