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That's the Way It Is

When you want it the most there's no easy way out
When you're ready to go and your heart's left in doubt
Don't give up on your faith
Love comes to those who believe it
And that's the way it is
Friday, February 24, 2012 At Sea

Once again we had days At Sea. There were two in a row to return to Galveston. I wonder if we found anything to do?

Mariner of the Seas

I love taking pictures of the ship's decor. I find each ship uniquely interesting.

Ship decor Ship decor
Ship decor Ship decor Ship decor Ship decor
Ship decor Ship decor Ship decor

There's always Brunch in the Windjammer. Cindy, Tina, Manny, and I met up to dine, then played rummy until it was time for Bingo. Although we were enthusiastic, we failed to bring home a Bingo prize. Cindy opted to watch and was shy when it was photo time.

Tina at Bingo Bonney at Bingo
Tina. Bonney.
Manny at Bingo Cindy at Bingo
Manny. Cindy.

This day At Sea was our second formal night. John, Debbie, David, Jody, Priscilla, and Don had been asked to dine at the Captain's table. That was Debbie's first time and she was giddy. I think this was the night David was having severe back problems and didn't go to dinner.

Tina and Manny Chris and Crystal Page and Bruce

We were introduced to all the chefs onboard as they marched through the dining rooms.

Formal dinner Formal dinner Formal dinner

Back in our inside cabin before we were to meet up for a card game, I took a couple of pictures of Cindy's and my Inside stateroom.

After dinner I had a chance to look at Jody and David's Owner Suite and take some reference photos. I think I could survive in a place like that.

The Owner Suite The Owner Suite
The Owner Suite The Owner Suite
The Owner Suite The Owner Suite
The Owner Suite The Owner Suite

When we all went over to the Royal Suite to play cards, Debbie had all their towel animals displayed. One of these days I'll purchase the book that tells you how to do all of these.

Towel Animals Towel Animals
Towel Animals Towel Animals

In addition to playing cards we visited a lot. Bruce came up the hall in his PJs.

Debbie and Tina Manny and Bruce Page
Debbie and Tina. Manny and Bruce. Page.
Saturday, February 25, 2012 At Sea

Our final day At Sea came with winds strong enough for the cruise line to close off the upper outdoor decks and the swimming pools were drained. There was a bit of motion from the ocean (really the Gulf). I didn't have any problems with the motion, but Cindy was coming off of her cold and felt better in a horizontal position. It eventually calmed, and it wasn't bad enough to keep us from playing cards a few more times.

This was our last night before docking in Galveston, so everyone had to pack their suit cases and set them out in the hall by midnight so they could be picked up to be ready to unload in Galveston.

Don and Priscilla Manny and Tina David and Jody
Don and Priscilla. Manny and Tina. David and Jody.
Manny, Bonney, and Tina Don, Bonney, and Priscilla.
Manny, Bonney, and Tina. Don, Bonney, and Priscilla.
Sunday, February 26, 2012 Galveston - 7:00 AM / Post-Trip
U.S. Flag

The baggage tags given to us for the luggage were for an early departure, so Cindy and I were up at 7:00 AM to go to the holding area assigned us. Although we were all returning to the condo, except the Marrs and the Ottos, we did not have the same departure times. People with a lot of Crown and Anchor points and those who were in suites could leave about any time they wanted once the cruise ship started unloading. Unfortunately, this was started more than an hour late. When each person disembarked, they normally pushed their ID/key into a slot that "dinged" so the computer knew they had left the ship. Well, it turns out the dinger was broken, so they had to write down everyone's name and cabin number as they exited and kept their key card, apparently to ding later. Cindy and I were very lucky to get off the ship with the beginning lines. We might have wandered closer to our exit point before others in our designated area. Cindy had called her husband to pick us up and we were to phone him when we were though customs. We whizzed right through, having our choice of customs agent. The one I went to asked where everyone was and I told him the story. The porter who carried our luggage asked the same thing. But it was one of my easiest departures.

John, Debbie, Crystal, and Chris were there when we arrived. Mike got a chance to see the condo before he and Cindy left. I stayed to say goodbye to my brother Bruce, Page (who were flying back to Denver in late afternoon), Tina, and Manny who were all late getting off the ship. Since nobody was staying at the condo, I decided to drive home and was on the road by 11:30 AM.

Close to Conroe, I called good old Allen Hoffer, another high school classmate, who met me at Schlotzky's and bought me lunch. We talked for about an hour and a half and I was already tired since I hadn't slept well on the ship for about 3 nights. By the time I got to Buc-ee's at Madisonville, I decided to park in their lot of no less than 100 cars and take a nap. I called friends Linda and Rudy, my travel alarm clock and asked them to call me in 25 minutes. That was the perfect amount of time to get me the rest of the way home without nodding off while I was driving. I finally arrived home about 7:30 PM, an 8 hour trip for a normal 5 hour drive.

It was a fun trip and I'm so glad John and Debbie made it happen for me. Thanks.

I have posted photos from some of the others on a separate page. Click Here

If anyone would like to go on a cruise like this or join one of the other group cruises we have planned, give me a call and I'll help you set up a fantastic vacation.

Bonney Bott, ACC

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