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Lluvia al Corazán

La esperanza al corazán
La esperanza al corazán
Que te sane que te alivie el dolor
No importa lo que pase
No importa jamás no no
Lluvia al corazán
Hope to the heart
Hope to the heart
That heals you, that takes away your pain
It doesn't matter what happens
It never matters, no
Rain to the heart
Tuesday, February 21, 2011 Cozumel, Mexico - 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Mariner of the Seas
Mariner of the Seas.

By the time Cindy and I arrived in Cozzumel, we had not yet decided what we wanted to do. The previous day, we had investigated Spa prices onboard and determined we could go to the "Beach Break at Playa Mia" and get a massage there for less than what it would cost on the ship. But then, we didn't want to go by ourselves and no one else seemed interested. After hem hawing around, we ended up just shopping a little at the end of the pier. Cindy found some lovely earrings that matched a necklace she had on and was very pleased with her haggling skills for the price.

John and Debbie planned to meet Bruce and Page at Senior Frogs, so Cindy and I joined them there. I hadn't eaten breakfast (I think this was they day) and ordered quesadillas and nachos that were surprizingly better than I had anticipated. They were not diet food.

Debbie Bruce John
Debbie. Bruce. John
Cindy Bonney Cindy
Cindy. Bonney. Cindy.

We sat at Senior Frogs a long while thinking the Marrs and Ottos might join us. Cindy participated in a kind of "Name That Tune" game and won a shot. Eventually the balloon lady came by and crowned everyone.

Bruce Bonney John and Debbie
Bruce. Bonney. John and Debbie

As Cindy and I walked back to the ship, we passed Don and Priscilla, who obviously got a later start than we did. With our previous plans for the beach and massage scuttled, we opted for swimming in the pool on the ship.

The water in the pool was on the nippy side, but I managed to get in 20 slow laps of the short pool. Cindy thought hard and long about getting in the water, then opted for the hot tub while I finished up. I joined her in the hot tub for about five minutes before over heating.

I'm sorry. The cameras must have been inoperable while we were in our swim suits, but here's part of the view from the pool area.

Mariner Crest.

We had time to clean up for a casual dinner and meet everyone at our table

Waiters David and Jody Tina and Manny
Waiters sang to us from the staircase. David and Jody. Tina and Manny.
John and Debbie Priscilla and Don Tina and Manny
John and Debbie. Priscilla and Don. Tina and Manny.
Page and Bruce Crystal and Chris Cindy and Bonney.
Page and Bruce. Crystal and Chris. Cindy and Bonney.
Pre-Cruise / Galveston At Sea Cozumel, Mexico George Town, Grand Cayman Falmouth, Jamaica At Sea /

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