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Friday, September 21, 2012 At Sea

Friday was an "At Sea" day. This was the real beginning of the over eating long weekend. I must have arrived for the buffet-style breakfast around nine fifteen. There was enough time to eat before showing up for practice for our flash mob dance that we were going to do around the pool on Sunday.

Lori Barone, our dance choreographer and fellow Diva, reviewed the dance several times for everyone who went through it five or six times. With back issued, I decided I was only good for one pass, and while I had practiced at home, was mentally doing the steps and hand motions with the others. On the last review, I practiced, too. The dance was done to "Moves Like Jagger."

After dance practice it was definitely time to go to the pool and swim. Although several people around the pool thought the water was too cold, I found it to be perfect. No matter what size a pool is, when I get in the water, I do twenty laps. This pool was small, so it didn't take very long. This is one of the few places where I can move around pain free for my back. I spent another fifteen minutes or so in the pool before I went to get some pizza. Carnival has the best pizza of any of the cruise ships I've been on. I mention this to other cruise lines when I write my reviews, which I do after each trip. So far, none of the others have improved. Oh, well. They have their other good points, too.

I joined Sherri and her girls on the other side of the pool area for a while. Katie and her bunch were up one deck sunning…for hours. I can't stand the heat that long. When it got too hot for me down by Sherri, I went back in the water to cool off and swim a little.

It was around one of the structural poles near the pool that Shirley did her pole dance to the DJ's music that had the crowd roaring and one twenty-something patron offering her a five-dollar bill. Crazy Shirley was in rare form during the entire cruise and provided a lot of laughs and enjoyment by everyone.

This night was a Formal dinner. Everyone dressed up early so we could meet for photos on the dining room staircase. There were about thirty who didn't show up. I don't know if they got lost, didn't get dressed in time, or just didn't care about being in the photo.

At dinner, everyone looked so nice.

I ate the pork ribs that were served on what was lobster and fancy food night for a lot of people. The ribs were excellent, but I was curious as to why they would serve them when people were wearing their good clothes.

Pre-Cruise / Galveston At Sea Cozumel, Mexico At Sea /

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