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Sunday, September 23, 2012 At Sea

Sunday was our second day at sea. Days at sea are dangerous. Wake up late, get pizza for brunch, donate $25.00 at the casino, and find friends at the pool. Sit a while. Eat lunch with friends. Show up with Divas for the flash mob dance. Go to the karaoke area to sit in the air conditioning and recuperate from the dance. After karaoke finished, I returned to the room to rest and dress for dinner, wearing my boa and tiara.

All the ladies dressed up with their "bling" showing.

I thought the food on the cruise this time was better than last year. It's not all in the presentation, but that seems to be an art, as well, in everything from the drinks, appetizers, entrées, to desserts.

If you haven't heard about the Chocolate Melting Cake and are a chocoholic, it's a must.

After dinner, II again returned to my room, this time to repack my suitcase and set it out in the hallway by 11:00 PM. There are tales of people forgetting to keep their clothes for disembarkation and having to wear their PJs off the ship. Don't know what those who sleep in the nude do.

For anyone who hasn't cruised before, some cruise line room stewards leave towel animals after they've straightened up the room. No matter how many times I've cruised, I always look forward to seeing the variety of animals they come up with.

I especially like the elephant.

Monday, September 24, 2012 At Sea

Monday morning, the Diva group gathered in the Rome lounge at 8:30 AM with hopes of disembarking early. By about 9:30, we still sat there, but those needing assistance were finally getting their turn. I signed up for assistance again and was off the ship in no time, being delivered to the luggage collection area. Sherri had arranged ahead of time for four porters to help the Divas to the buses she had waiting. One of the porters was for us Dallas girls. While I waited for the others, I managed to identify our eight Diva's luggage and had it loaded on the cart by the time they arrived almost forty-five minutes later. We were gone through customs before some of the others arrived at baggage claim. The four in my car took a taxi to pick up my car at the condo, while the other four took the shuttle to their vehicle in the paid parking lot. Then we were off toward home.

We stopped in The Woodlands at Chili's, meeting Allen and Tina for lunch. Then we continued home.

Pre-Cruise / Galveston At Sea Cozumel, Mexico At Sea /

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