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Pre-Cruise / Galveston At Sea Cozumel, Mexico At Sea /
Saturday, September 22, 2012 At Sea

Because we were arriving in Cozumel on Saturday, Cynthia and I ordered breakfast in so we would have plenty of time to dress for going ashore. The plan was to meet with Katie and her crew before disembarking in Cozumel. Katie was going to call at 9:00 AM after they decided where to meet us, and where we needed to go on the ship to get off. Well, the best made plans of mice and Divas often go awry. It was ten after nine and Cynthia was ready to get going. We had not heard from Katie, so we decided to leave the ship, thinking they had left without us. The plan was for everyone to go to Mr. Sanchos beach resort for a discounted all-inclusive price of $45.00. This price was for the beach chairs, cabanas, food, and drinks. But as people were leaving the ship, it was sprinkling on and off in Cozumel. Cynthia had already decided to go shopping rather than to the beach. So, I rode in a bicycle taxi from the ship to the end of the pier. I sat around the fountain, kind of waiting to see if Katie and the rest were still coming off the ship. I was trying to decide if I wanted to take a taxi by myself to Mr. Sancho's or just go back to the ship and sat at a bench with a snow cone. Some other Divas came by on their way to Mr. Sancho's, so I shared a taxi with them.

The water was a really nice way to cool off. I swam a little and when I got out of the water there were some ladies signing people up for massages. I signed up and went right away over to their massage tables. My masseuse, Leticia, did a great job.

I think Belinda and some of her friends were at the beach, but I didn't see them. I only know this because there were photos posted after the cruise. There were a couple of showers while I was relaxing. An hour later, when I was done, I bought a couple of souvenirs before I returned to my table and looked around to see if Katie and crew had shown up, but they hadn't. I later learned they stayed near the ship to shop and walk near the water. I taxied back with two other Divas in time to get to the Diva cocktail party at 5:00 PM.

There were drinks and hors d' oeuvres that were good enough to kill our appetites before our 6:00 PM dinner. The waiters provided a show, and our waiter had some great moves. But my appetite was back by midnight, so I ordered room service and got a BLT, cookies, and cocoa.

Pre-Cruise / Galveston At Sea Cozumel, Mexico At Sea /

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