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    Within this site you will find information about what keeps me busy.

    What I Do

         I Design Websites

         I'm a Cruise Consultant with Cruise Capers Travel

         I love to Travel

         I take Photographs

         I Write

         I make Beads and Jewelry

         I Crochet

         I Tat

         I Sew

         I occasionally Blog

         I love to play Games

         I've just gone on my first Birding weekend

         I thought about being an Event Planner

         I've invested a lot of time getting my Harlingen High School classmates back Together Again

         I'm still waiting for Grandchildren

    Occasionally, I have time to clean my house and invite friends over for Game Nights that I hold several times a year.


         - Impossible Destiny
         - Cassiopeia Phantom
         - From Stones to Space


         - Vacation Sagas


         - Poems
         - Stories

    Bonney Bott

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