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March 2, 2014

2014 Notable Navigator
Pre-Cruise / Galveston At Sea Falmouth, Jamaica George Town, Grand Cayman Cozumel, Mexico At Sea /

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by Juniel - Pre Cruise

I only think about you until I fall asleep,
In my dream,
I only dream of you~
oh I wake up in the morning

Oh I love you love you love you,
You love me love me love me
I know your heart is for me~ (your heart)
Oh I love you love you love you, Are you love me love me baby
Because I love you too

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Saturday, March 01, 2014 Drive to Galveston

The trip to Galveston actually started Friday night when Katie's sister, Lynda, flew to Dallas from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Katie picked Lynda up at the airport and took her home.

Early Saturday morning they drove to my house in Mansfield where we shuffled all of our bags into my car that had the capacity to hold all the luggage. Only about an hour later, we stopped at Dairy Queen for my usual trip reward, a dipped cone. Katie and Lynda ate some real food and then we were "back on the road again."

The drive went smoothly and we stopped in Madisonville so Lynda could have the "Buc-ee's experience." If you don't have a Buc-ee's in your area, you can think of it as a 7-Eleven convenience store with gas...times 15. It's huge!

Lynda was amazed, but we didn't let her stay too long before we herded her back to the car.

We arrived in Galveston just in time to meet John, Debbie, and some friends for an early dinner at a Vietnamese noodle restaurant called Pho 20. Everything was delicious and this was the beginning of our "eat until we are beyond stuffed" food experiencs.

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Afterward, we went to the condo to spend the night.

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Sunday, March 2, 2014 Depart Galveston

One of the treats of going to Galveston is stopping at Shipley's Donuts. That's one of the few times I get to eat donuts. Since we arrived just in time for dinner the previous evening, the plan was to get donuts for breakfast before boarding the ship. But you know what happens to plans. John, Debbie, Katie, Lynda, and I just sat around talking and waiting until Bruce and Page arrived from her mother's house in Houston.

When Bruce and Page appeared, it was time to board the ship.

The luggage was dropped off with no problems, but boarding the Navigator took an agonizingly long time due to at least 2 things. The day before, a fog warning possibility in Galveston had many guests arriving later than normal to board, creating heavier traffic in the terminal than normal. Second, with all the heavy traffic, only 2 security carry-on baggage checks were open for at least an hour around noon.

Once onboard, the plan for the group was to meet for lunch in the Windjammer and then go to our cabins in hopes of finding our luggage had been delivered.

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Right after the safety drill, the ship pulled away from the dock and we said goodbye to Galveston for the week. I spent a little time putting tags on the doors so group members could easily find each other and themselves.

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I was one of the lucky people whose reserved cabin was upgraded during Navigator of the Seas January dry dock. My inside cabin was the recipient of a virtual balcony. What a great idea that was!

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Part of the sacrifice of having the virtual balcony was losing the small sofa and small coffee-type table. Those two items were replaced with a single padded chair. It was difficult to find a place for room service to set the tray when they brought it.

It was great being able to tell when it was day or night from an inside cabin. I could also see if it was sunny or rainy and when we were docked, I got a wonderful view of our location. The changing view made a good backdrop for photos. Page was the first one to come up with this idea. The virtual balcony was across from a large mirror, so it made the room look much larger.

My room also seemed larger because this was my first cruise without a roommate. I was looking forward to dropping the temperature as cold as I wanted it and not worry about freezing my cabinmate. Unfortunately, with the air conditioner turned to the coldest setting, the room was still very warm, even after I requested a server person to check it out. I later learned it was too warm over much of the ship, and it was only March. I hope they fix it before our hot Texas summer weather.

Apparently Katie and Lynda had no problems settling in. They went all fancy decorating their door.

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Some of the evening before and after dinner was unpacking the luggage, if we were lucky enough to get it early.

My cabin steward this trip was Adella Beliss.

We had some trouble coordinating everyone for dinner arrangements, but eventually worked things out. Our first evening, we ended up at a table where Oliver from Mumbai was the waiter. He was really good. All the food was excellent. After dinner we checked out the welcome aboard entertainment in the Metropolis Theater.

Pre-Cruise / Galveston At Sea Falmouth, Jamaica George Town, Grand Cayman Cozumel, Mexico At Sea /

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